All service work, including Lock-Outs, is backed by guarantees on workmanship and materials used. We will, will in the interests of public security, request proper identity or proof of ownership when providing a Lock-Out service. Should this not be forthcoming, service will be refused: your co-operation is required in these circumstances. Lock-Tech is properly insured to carry out locksmiths services. Exceptions will occur if any alteration, amendment, removal or reinstallation is made by any persons other than the original installing company. This also applies if any undue wear and tear, abuse or act of vandalism is apparent. If product failure or faulty workmanship causes a Lock-Out the Company reserves the right to ascertain the cause and carry out any appropriate rectification, also to make charges where applicable, having first advised the customer. Liability is limited to replacement value only of the same or similar equivalent product and in all cases limited to the guarantee periods. All servicing work is carried out to the best interpretation of, or to customer’s instructions. All costs to be advised before commencement of works and any variation affecting specification or cost will be advised prior to completion where possible. Lock-Tech will give an estimated price before agreeing to attend a location: however, this price will be based on the customer’s information and the operative may have to revise the cost when they arrive on site and assesses the situation.